Take a Sip

“Try new things. Go new places. Use new tools. Meet new faces.” ~Unknown

Going to places in the city that I’ve never been to before is something that I really love to do. It is fun finding new spots in town that you can leave and say to yourself, “That was fun. I really want to go back there.”

I felt that way after I went to Highline Bar & Lounge for happy hour after work recently. The atmosphere was great and I loved the feel of it. Classy but not pretentious. Very comfortable.

I ordered a Moscow Mule and it was delicious. As I was sipping on my drink, I noticed on the table they were advertising a special for Building your own Moscow Mules on Thursday nights for $5. AND in addition to that they had a Free Pizza buffet from 5-8pm.

I already liked the place but seeing that special completely sold me and put Highline Bar & Lounge on my MUST COME BACK list! Seriously, the drink I had was delicious. I believe the regular price was $12-13 which is not uncommon for a Moscow Mule anywhere in the city. So when I saw the $5 special it completely jumped out at me. You can bet I will be back for this deal!

I recommend to anyone who likes Moscow Mules. And if you have never had a one then now is the perfect opportunity to try it!


In case you are wondering what build your own Moscow Mule is….Based on Highline Bar & Lounge’s menu you pick your choice of vodka, ginger beer, and garnish from the list below.

Choice of vodka: 275: grey goose, belvedere, ketel one, effen black cherry 225: svedka, tito’s, absolut

Ginger Beers: barritt’s, fever-tree, cock ‘n bull cherry bitters: angostura, orange, lime, peach, grapefruit, cranberry

Garnish: lemon, lime, grapefruit

I haven’t tried building my own yet but I have to say cherry, peach, and grapefruit all sound like a fun twist on the original mule…CHEERS!

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