Filtered View

“Social media is more about Sociology and Psychology than it is about Technology.” – Anonymous

Blurry vision

I love social media, but I’ll be honest, sometimes I have to take a break from it and remind myself that it’s not real life.

Being able to scroll through people’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds to see all the great things people are doing can be fun. But it’s also very easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you are missing out or that your life is not as great. You may try not to compare your life to theirs but let’s be honest- it’s human nature. Everyone does it. If someone says they don’t then I’d be tempted to say they are lying. I’m not saying it evil spirited. It’s just something that is in the back of your head.

What everybody needs to remember is that what we see on social media is a filtered view of people’s lives. People are posting the best moments that are happening. We are not seeing the hard times that they may be going through as well. That’s what is easy to forget.

So the next time you may be feeling like shit that not every moment of your life is Instagram worthy, please remember that nobody’s life is. Life is hard; but ultimately there are going to be really great times that make it all worth it (and I suppose those are the moments you will be posting…).

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