A Person of Excellence

A few months ago I scheduled a personal day for today.  I had no plans and I still don’t; and can I just say that feels terrific?!  Some people may see taking a day off for no reason as a waste of a vacation day, but usually when I’m taking a day off it’s for others- such as traveling home to see family for holidays, etc.  So, why not use one of my days for myself and take a ME DAY?


I’m in such a good mood that I even started doing a little organizing at my apartment.  While moving some things around on my bookshelf a book fell off that I hadn’t picked up in awhile.  The book is called Your Best Life by Joel Osteen.  I used to read one page every morning and evening, but somewhere along the way I stopped doing so.  I picked up the book and randomly flipped to the first page my hands landed.  That page was titled “Be a Person of Excellence.”  Whether you are a person of faith or not I find Joel Osteen to be extremely inspiring.

“Many people want to do as little as they possibly can and still get by.  But God did not create us to be mediocre.  He doesn’t want us to just barely get by, or to do what everybody else is doing…If you want to live your best life now, start aiming for excellence in everything you do.”

I don’t think the book falling was an accident and I don’t think the page I turned to was either.  It was a gentle reminder for me to continue striving to be excellent and not settle for anything less than that.  It’s tough at times as I’m sure some of you can relate, but it’s the only option to living a happy life.

…Speaking of EXCELLENCE…this weekend I attended the Simply Stylist conference in Chicago and I got to hear a panel of EXCELLENT women speak as well as meet so many other inspiring women while at the event.  It’s been an inspiring weekend.  I’ll be sharing more of my experience from the event with you shortly!

Until then, keep aiming (along with me) for excellence.


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  1. Jane McDonald says:

    I love your kind of day! Can’t wait to hear about the Simply Stylist conference. I saw your pics. (Good Hair!) Love you! A.Jane

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