Lesson Learned

“Do not run through life so fast that you forget not only where you have been, but also where you are going.  Life is not a race, but a journey to be savored each step of the way.”

My inspiration for today’s Found It Friday post came from a picture that Steve Madden posted on Instagram.  I have an intense love affair with Steve Madden (I think anyone who follows me, has probably figured that out).  I literally want every shoe that they post in their Instagram pictures.  I tried asking them to send me all of their past, current, and new shoes for me to rock, but I never heard a response back…sooooo….I’m going to take that as a “NO.”  Haha!

Instagram photo via Steve Madden which inspired this post

Instagram photo via Steve Madden which inspired this post

Sometimes, I’m able to find really good deals on Steve Madden’s shoes, but if I bought every pair I wanted that was NOT on sale, clearance or at Nordstrom Rack, then, let’s just say I’d be broker than I already am now.

So, I saved the picture on my phone and HOPED that I could find a cheaper version (as the STEVEN by Steven Madden Lanni Espadrille Flats are currently retailing at $99)…

As I mentioned in my post on last Wednesday, I go to Target often for groceries now.  So, while I was there on a grocery trip I swung by the shoe aisle.  I saw a pair of shoes that looked very similar to that in the post.  They were on clearance for $7.99 (regularly $16.99) but they were a size 10 and I am a size 7. I searched but I didn’t see any other except that one lonely pair.

That weekend they were having a sale on sandals and even though I didn’t need any, I walked the wall. At the end of the wall they had all of their espadrilles hanging up—including the one I saw one clearance. The only problem was they were not marked on clearance. Hmmmm?

I grabbed a pair in my size anyway and decided to find a store attendant to ask. I told her and she had a scanner so she said, “well, let’s just see, what the scanner comes up as…” It came up as $5.99. CHEAPER than what the one lonely shoe that was on the clearance rack was marked.


My day was made. Lesson learned that day. Don’t always trust the marked version…sometimes they haven’t had time to update the physical tags. I literally almost put my size back thinking that only that one shoe was on clearance for some reason, perhaps because it’s size wasn’t selling well or something. No, no, no. Always ASK! It’s worth it.

Me rocking my Find It Friday Shoes!

Me rocking my Found It Friday Shoes!

THANKS for the inspiration Steve Madden!

Until next week…Xx!


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