Flying Forward


That is my pinkie and my tattoo in the picture above. I got the tattoo in the fall of last year. And the reasoning behind it is the quote above. If you haven’t figured out just yet, I love quotes. They provide me inspiration. When I read one that I relate to then it reframes my state of mind to keep going on days that I might not feel like I have the strength.

This quote is particularly special now that I have a symbol of it tattooed on me for life! I’m not going to lie, I’ve had many setbacks in my life- too many to even go into…but I’m trying really hard to look at those setbacks as preparation to launch me into something truly spectacular…just as the quote says. 

Ever since I got the tattoo, I have had a sweet spot for just about anything and everything that has an arrow on it, because it reminds me of my tattoo and the quote that now means so much to me.

One night I was meeting a friend for dinner and while the hostess was showing me to the table I noticed she was wearing a simple gold arrow necklace. It was beautiful and I immediately asked her where it was from. She said she had gotten it from a Stella and Dot party.

Stella and Dot ON THE MARK Arrow Necklace

Stella and Dot ON THE MARK Arrow Necklace

I had recently been to a Stella and Dot party myself. Their stuff is totally on trend. In fact, many celebrities are quite often spotted wearing the brand. While, their stuff is NOT expensive, I also wouldn’t venture to say it’s “reasonable” for someone who is on a tight budget.  It falls somewhere in between.

But, needless to say, as soon as I got home that night, the first thing I did was look up that necklace. I found out that it retails at $59. Did I need the necklace? NO. Did I want the necklace? DESPERATELY.

This was an item, that meant so much to me, that after months of searching for a cheaper version, I almost said, “fuck it” and almost treated myself to it around the time of my birthday. But, I couldn’t do it.

And, boy am I glad that I waited. Months and months later when I had stopped even looking for it, I finally found what I was looking for. It’s not exactly like the Stella and Dot necklace and certainly not the same high quality, but, it’s got the same simple, delicate, beautiful feel that I was looking for. AND it was only $8.  I found it at charming charlie.

cc neck

Arrow necklace from charming charlie


ME wearing the charming charlie arrow necklace

ME wearing the charming charlie arrow necklace

Usually, I’m inspired from the blogs or magazines I read, OR the celebrities I admire. In this case, I was inspired by a normal girl- just like myself- just working to make a living.

So, look around. Open your eyes. You never know what inspiration you might find right in front of you.

AND- one more thing- if you are like me, and are currently being dragged down by some of your own difficulties in life right now, try to remember that it’s just life preparing you for something great.  So, hold on tight, and picture that arrow, cause you are going to be launched into something GREAT one day!!!

Until next week…Xx!

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