Playing It Safe?

“There’s nothing ‘safe’ about safety pins” -Unknown

How many times have you poked your finger on a safety pin? Too many to count, right? Hence the irony of the name!

Rachel Rachel Roy safety pin earrings

Rachel Rachel Roy safety pin earrings

The moment I saw these earrings by Rachel Rachel Roy I fell in love. I loved that they had an edgy feeling about them yet were still completely classy. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $26 on a pair of earrings. I’m broke, so how could I justify that purchase? I couldn’t….so I had to tell myself no as badly as I was compelled to say YES!!!

If you have been reading my blog, you know the story…these earrings stayed in my head and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I stared at them online and in the store and in my dreams. And then I searched and searched and searched for a cheaper version. This story turns out a little different than the other blogs though. I could NOT find a cheaper version no matter how hard I searched.

I did, however, find a much more expensive version by a designer that I spoke of in a previous blog. Jewelry designer Anita Ko sells a SINGLE 18kt White Gold Safety Pin Earring with Diamonds on Stylebop’s website for $2,525. It’s gorgeous of course. I mean, seriously, how could it not be?

Anita Ko safety pin earring

Anita Ko safety pin earring

Suddenly, that PAIR of RRR safety pin earrings for $26 was not sounding so bad. I held off a little while longer, and then when I received an email about a friends and family discount on Rachel Roy’s website I decided I had to go for it.  The discount was 30% off all orders. So, at originally $26, I was able to get the earrings for $18.20 with the 30% off deal. Far more than I would normally pay for earrings but I felt they were a unique and classic purchase that I could no longer pass up!

I was able to score a few other good deals during the RRR friends and family discount. Stay tuned….I’ll be sharing with you sooooon!

THANK YOU Rachel Roy for this edgy yet classy pair of beautiful earrings.  I can’t wait to rock them!!!


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