No Limits

“A girl knows her limits but a wise girl knows she has none”  Marilyn Monroe

Picture via  Click picture to go to Corri's blog article "It’s My Birthday!"

Picture via Click picture to go to Corri’s blog article “It’s My Birthday!”

Do you girls know Corri McFadden? I first found out about her background when she spoke at the Simply Stylist conference held at the Dana Hotel last June. She owns eDrop-Off, which “is the premier online destination to buy and sell pre-owned designer items.”

Since hearing her speak I have followed her on Twitter and Instagram as well as read her blog and any press I see locally in Chicago…That’s how much her story touched me. She’s not only got great style but she’s a go getter and has worked her ass off for the success that she rightfully deserves.  As Marilyn said, a wise girl has NO LIMITS and that’s Corri.

After already admiring Corri greatly, I think I literally fell in love with her after I read her blog post back in December titled Sweater, Leather, Rings & Things. When I was first reading it I thought “oh, how cute and funky”….I would have never have thought to mix a sweatshirt with a skirt….then as I scrolled through the article I came to a close up picture of her rings. First of all…if you have been reading my blog then you know I’m a sucker for nail polish and she’s got a killer combo of red and black on which I love especially for what time of the year this blog was posted. And then, if you look close, she’s wearing a ring that says, “Fuck.”

Picture via  Click picture to bring you to the blog post

Picture via Click picture to bring you to the blog post Sweater, Leather, Rings & Things

OK….anyone that really knows me well, knows that “fuck” is probably my most used word. I can’t help it. My parents are convinced that’s why I don’t have a boyfriend. My friends just laugh. I don’t even notice it except for when I’m around the people that point it out. I don’t say it on purpose. It’s just part of my vocabulary. I don’t say it at work. But, I’m also a completely different person at work. There’s “work Michelle”. And there’s “off work Michelle.”

I personally love that Corri is able to make this entire outfit look cute, funky and classy all at the same time!

Corri had details on her outfit at the bottom of her blog so I found out that ring was made by a jewelry designer by the name of Jacquie Aiche.  I looked up the designer and the ring is completely handcrafted. It’s gold with a gemstone and it’s absolutely gorgeous.



But, unfortunately for me it retails at $1,480 which I certainly can’t afford. So I went on a search for a something similar but that I could afford. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to find anything like this in the mainstream stores. So, I decided to try Etsy.

After a little searching, I was able to find a ring that I liked on Etsy by the shop named ShopElectricDesigns in Charlotte, North Carolina. It didn’t have the same look as the one designed by Jacquie Aiche, but the inspiration was there and I appreciated the craftsmanship that went into this piece of jewelry as well.  And for the price I couldn’t beat it. The ring retails at $10. It is handmade from tarnish free wire and comes in gold or silver. I decided to get mine in gold.

The ring I found on Etsy

The ring I found on Etsy

The retailer is very honest on her page and admits this ring is very malleable and it is best to wear it with care as it is made from wire. And after receiving it, I have to say that definitely is the case, BUT I do love it, and am very thankful to Corri and Jacquie for the inspiration. I hope ONE DAY I’ll be able to rock the Jacquie Aiche ring, because it sure is a gorgeous piece of jewelry and fits my personality oh so well.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull off my ring with the same amount off class that Corri does with hers but I’m sure going to try!


Me attempting to rock my ring! Watch out!!!

P.S. if you have some time later…check out Jacquie Aiche’s site….she has some absolutely amazing pieces of unique jewelry.  So edgy.  Stuff I never would have thought of.  She’s also quite an inspirational woman.  So support her if you can!  Even if it’s just following her on Instagram.  And knowing that one day, you plan on splurging if and when you can afford it!

Until Next week…Xx!


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  1. Love this post- Thank you so much!
    xoxo Corri McFadden

    • Corri,
      THANK YOU for your kind words!
      I’ve been working on my blog for months now and am just now working up the courage to begin sharing it!
      So, to hear you say you liked this post, well….let’s just say, you more than made my day!
      michelle christine

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