Connect The Dots

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.  So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.  You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” -Steve Jobs

Do you believe in destiny?  Fate?  Timing?  I do.  Sometimes, when I’m feeling blue, I start getting really negative and doubt myself and my beliefs.  I tell myself believing in dreams and fate are silly.  Deep down my heart is always screaming on the inside that I do believe but that sneaky little negative mind of mine has a way of overpowering me every now and again.

If you read my blog last week, you know I was smack dab in the middle of one of my “blue” streaks- including all of the negative thinking and self-doubt that I mentioned above.  In fact, I was so blue I chose not to even write the article I had planned to write.  Part of me questioned whether it was a good idea to go off the schedule I had created for myself.  And part of me questioned whether it was a good idea to share that personal and dark side of myself with you last week.  But, looking back, I know it was right and ultimately it all happened for a reason…

It’s really weird how life works out sometimes.  Me choosing to put the article off until this week lead to one of the most ironic of timing’s that I’ve experienced in a long while.  Let me explain….

The article was planned to be about an earring pin Sophia Bush wore that I fell in love with.

According to her Instagram picture posted about 6 weeks ago, the earing pin was by Anita Ko Jewelry.  She wrote that it was available at Revolve Clothing but unfortunately, when I did a search I was unable to find it.  I was able to find other pieces of their jewelry online though and I gotta say, I’m in LOVE!  Seriously, I want every single piece of the current collection.  It’s edgy yet classic and beautiful…just like the ear pin that Sophia wore.

Image via Sophia Bush's Instagram (@SOPHIABUSH)

Image via Sophia Bush’s Instagram (@SOPHIABUSH)

In researching the company, I found that according to London Jewelers website since launching the jewelry collection in 2006 “celebrities such as Demi Moore, Nicole Richie, Rihanna, Rachel Zoe, Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham have all been seen wearing Anita Ko.”  Pretty impressive!!!

With that said…the jewelry that I saw on Polyvore (which is just one of the sites that sells the brand) had the lowest priced piece starting at $435 and the highest going all the way up to $19,900.  Seeing as that’s about half of the salary I make in an entire year, I really don’t need to tell you that I can’t afford the brand!  But, that doesn’t mean I can’t love it, cause I DO!

Like most of the fashion pieces I write about on here, I usually can’t get the item out of my mind.  And, that’s usually when I know I have to find something similar.  So, I search and search and search.  And sometimes I’m lucky enough to find something similar to the original that’s in my price range (sometimes not).  This time, I was lucky and found a beautiful ear pin at Icing priced for $5.50.

Ear Pin from The Icing

Ear Pin from The Icing


At this point you might be starting to wonder why this post began with me babbling about the ironic timing of putting this article off until this week…When I put it off last week it was due to my health and I decided to save it for today.  Well, in doing this, FATE swept in and at the last minute this past Sunday afternoon I saw that Sophia was doing an appearance at Claire’s (The Icing’s sister store) in Chicago’s Water Tower mall.  It was about 2pm when I saw the Instagram post and she said she would be there from 3:30-5pm.  At this point I was still not feeling that well, but I thought to myself for a second, and I decided it was just too freaking ironic that I was going to write about her last week but decided to put it off until this week and now had this opportunity to meet her at the sister store of the place I found the ear pin I was going to write about…soooooo I decided I had to go AND I’m so happy I did.

She was doing the appearance to promote a new book that she wrote the forward for titled I Am That Girl written by Alexis Jones.  I had heard a lot about this book and had been wanting to buy it, so it actually worked out quite perfectly!  I met Sophia and Alexis and they were both lovely.  Not only was meeting Sophia perfect timing but this book came to me at exactly the right time as well.  The book is all about teaching girls/women to believe in themselves and discover what your passion in life is.  Exactly the kind of uplifting read that I needed this week following my rough last week!

I truly believe this chance meeting and book came into my life exactly when it was supposed to.  As Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.”  AND that is extremely true in this case.

One more ironic twist to end this post…Do you want to know what Sophia said to me when I met her?  She said, “oh, I love your earring.”  I giggled to myself and said “thank you.  You were actually my inspiration.”  She laughed and said “oh, me and all my ear cuffs!”  Little did she know I had been planning on writing about her and her inspiration of that earring.  I wanted to stop the line and tell her the irony of the entire situation and tell her about my blog and everything I’m telling you all, but I didn’t.  Perhaps one day I’ll see her again and I can let her know how all these dots came together…

Until next week…Xx!

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