“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it LOVE.”  Dr. Seuss

Hi lovies,

Since it’s Valentines Day I thought it was the perfect day to talk about my new “love” ring as well as the beauty and meaning behind it for me…

Kohl's love ring

Kohl’s love ring

I don’t know about you, but I grew up watching the drama of MTV’s Laguna Beach and then The Hills and then The City.  Every time these shows are brought up, the first questions people say is…Was it real?…Was it fake?…blah, blah, blah….I don’t care!  I loved it- as did almost every other girl I knew around my age.  It probably goes without saying that I loved who I believe to be “the heroine” of the show- Lauren Conrad aka L.C..  I loved her so much that even after all the television shows ended, I still enjoyed following her career and life in the media.

After years of watching her be screwed over by boy after boy; I was thrilled to see that she recently got engaged to a man she seems genuinely happy with.  She posted a picture of her engagement ring on Instagram about four months ago and when I saw it I was so excited for her!  It may sound silly, but growing up alongside those teens and watching them for so many years honestly made me feel a connection to them- so it was almost like I had just heard news that one of my friend’s was engaged.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Conrad's Instagram (@laurenconrad)

Photo courtesy of Lauren Conrad’s Instagram (@laurenconrad)














After staring at the beautiful engagement ring, I found that my eyes were stuck on the other ring she was wearing that said “love.”  I literally fell in love with the “love” ring.  LOL!  I took a screen shot on my phone and became determined to find something similar.

While I was home for the holidays, my mom and I were doing a little shopping and I showed her the picture of the ring and told her that I was looking for something similar.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any luck that day.  BUT, on Christmas morning I opened a little box from my momma and papa that had a silver ring saying “love” with a little sparkly heart.

Apparently after my mom saw how badly I was hunting for a “love” ring, she went out on a mission of her own and was able to find one at Kohl’s.  It’s not the exact look as Lauren’s ring, but I think it’s beautiful and classic AND was beyond thoughtful of her to get me something that she knew meant a lot to me…I adore it and wear it almost every day!

I’m not going to lie….Sometimes when I’m trying to be sassy I wear it on my middle finger as if I’m saying to the world “whatever.  fuck love.”…but can I tell you a secret?….At the end of the day I’m a closet hopeless romantic, who will always hope and dream of finding true love….just like L.C. finally has.

I did some digging and found Lauren’s “love” ring is from a company called Sydney Evan Jewels.  The ring retails on their website for $860.  It’s 14K gold and according to their webpage, “Bar Refaeli, Halle Berry and Rihanna have all been spotted with the Sydney Evan love ring.”

Sydney Evan love ring

As I say, if you can afford it, buy away, because it truly is a gem- it definitely caught my eye and was in my dreams for weeks!!!  LOL!

However, if that’s too expensive…then as of today, Kohl’s is still selling the ring I have and it’s now even on sale.  It was originally $35 and is now selling for $14.  They often have some amazing coupons at Kohl’s as well, so it’s possible you could get it even cheaper!

When I initially was looking for a “love” ring, I couldn’t find one anywhere, but now it seems like they are popping up in tons of stores.  I have a sneaky suspicion that there may have been a few more people just like me who fell in love with the “love” ring when Lauren posted her engagement ring on Instagram.

Perhaps there are a few other hopeless romantics like me out there as well…

Keep living.  Keep dreaming.  And keep on LOVING!

And remember…”Today is where your book begins…The rest is still unwritten”

Until next week…Xx!

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