“You were wild once.  Don’t let them tame you.”  Christina Morassi

Have you noticed that leopard print is everywhere you look lately?  I see it in the stores I shop at, the magazines I flip through, the women I pass on the street and featured on almost all of my favorite blogs.

Some of my favorite blogs that have featured leopard include:  Damsel in Dior, Sazan, A Little Dash of Darling, could I have that?,  Cedar and Rush Chicago, kel&kate and lakeshore lady.  When you have some time I recommend checking out these sites.  The links go directly to the leopard articles they wrote and these are some of my favorite blogs to read so I def recommend!

I’m sure by now you know that I’m not exaggerating.  I am literally seeing leopard everywhere (and I bet you probably are as well)!  Leopard skirts, leopard pants, leopard shirts, leopard scarves, leopard shoes, leopard glasses….leopard EVERYTHING!

I even heard someone go so far as to say that leopard is the new “neutral.”  Now, I’m not sure if I agree that leopard could be considered a staple like black, navy, or gray, but I do agree that it is currently being worn just as much as these neutral colors.

I have to admit I’m not usually one to jump on the bandwagon with a trend…AND truth be told, I actually have never been much of a fan of ANY animal print, because I never felt like I was “sassy” enough to pull it off.  HOWEVER, fate (or should I say the marketing gods) jumped in and continued to strategically place advertisements on pretty much every site I went to online.  The ads that were specifically targeting me were a few different pairs of comfy leopard slip on sneakers.  After seeing them so many times, I actually began to think “damn, ok, those are really CUTE and you know what?  I am sassy and wild enough to pull it off!  They look comfortable and I actually kind of want them!”  What can I say…Fucking Advertising works!

So thus, began my search for a pair of inexpensive leopard shoes…

I found that there were many options out there- a good majority of the ones I found ranged from a medium to higher price range…That being said they were from good established brands and I’m sure the shoes are made with extreme quality so the price could definitely be worth it if you have the money to spend.  Here’s a sample of the different brands I found that offered the slip on leopard sneakers (in order of low to high price range):

Tom’s:  $54

Steve Madden:  $99.95

Sam Edelman:  $110

Ash Jungle:  $150

Seeing as I was still a little iffy about the trend, I kept on looking, as I wasn’t ready to invest that much into this look.  I finally was able to find a pair on sale at Payless for $10.

What I love about the leopard shoes is that it’s just the perfect amount of the leopard trend without going overboard.  Plus, I already have a closet full of black outfits that will pair perfectly so I won’t have to invest any more money to complete the look.

I have to say the Payless shoes are super comfortable and I’m really digging them so far.  Perhaps I may decide later that I can’t pull off this “sassy” look or don’t feel comfortable in them; but, at the amount I spent, I feel good about taking a little bit of a fashion risk for myself.

I hope you are inspired to try out something leopard in your life if you haven’t already done so- either a pair of the leopard shoes featured above or one of the countless other leopard fashion trends currently out there.

Until next week…Xx!

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