THE Bracelet That Started It ALL…

“You don’t need endless time and perfect conditions. Do it now. Do it today. Do it for twenty minutes and watch your heart start beating.” -Barbara Sher

Jacey Duprie (aka Damsel in Dior) and I at the Ted Baker event she hosted in Chicago

Hi lovies!

I’ve wanted to start a blog for quite some time, but it felt like so many things were holding me back.  One day I decided, I was finally just going to do it- just start it and learn along the way.  Much like the quote above says, it’s not necessarily the perfect time or conditions for me but just beginning this really does have my heart beating with joy and anticipation!

If you read my About The Blog page, you will know that using designer looks for my own fashion inspiration started out as a hobby of mine.  So, it’s really actually very fitting that this happens to be my very first post, because this “hobby” of mine and ultimately this blog all started out with one lovely bracelet that I’m about to tell you all about….

BUT FIRST, let me ask, do you girls know Jacey Duprie aka the Damsel in Dior from the picture above?

If by chance you do not know her, then I urge you to check out her blog!  If you do know of her then you will likely understand when I say that I first fell in love with Jacey when I heard her speak at the Simply Stylist event held in Chicago in June 2013.  She did a breakout session talking about blogging and was so open about everything and did not hold anything back.

Jacey and I at the June 2013 Simply Stylist event in Chicago

Jacey and I at the June 2013 Simply Stylist event in Chicago

After the Simply Stylist event, I became a loyal reader of her blog.  She has provided me so much fashion and life inspiration.  What I love about Jacey’s style is that she mixes high end fashion with lower end fashion.  For instance, she might match up a pair of Valentino heels with a sweater from Old Navy.  I love that she does this, because it really makes her style very accessible to everyone.

My only problem is that I love EVERYTHING that she wears…the lower end AND the higher end!

There is one particular brand that Jacey introduced me to on her blog that I know I am destined to covet forever (I’m so dramatic, but it’s true).  The name of the jewelry company is Vita Fede.  The company’s history is very interesting.  I suggest popping over to their site and reading about their brand and their creator if you have a little time on your hands.  Beware though…if you get a glimpse of the jewelry you will want to purchase everything on their site.  For those of you that can afford it, please buy, buy, buy!  It’s ALL stunning!

For those of you like me, that can’t yet afford it, I’ve found a bracelet that is a similar style to the Vita Fede bracelet that Jacey featured on her blog.

It may sound silly, but I just could not get that bracelet out of my head after I saw it.  I knew I couldn’t afford to buy it, but I became insistent on finding something with a comparable vibe that I could afford.  I was endlessly searching with a picture in my mind and sure enough (with a little luck and a by chance shopping trip) I eventually found what I wanted at Forever 21.

The mini titan bracelet from Vita Fede retails at $225:

Mini Titan bracelet from Vita Fede

The Forever 21 bracelet that has a similar feel retails for $5.80:

Forever 21 spiked cuff

Forever 21 spiked cuff

I LOVE this bracelet because it can be worn so many different ways.  I’ve worn it simply on its own as well as with other bangles, jewelry cuffs, and even a necklace that I wrapped around my wrist to look like a bracelet (see below)!

I’m so THANKFUL to Simply Stylist for having Jacey Duprie speak about blogging at their event.  She has provided me endless inspiration and advice about blogging and on top of that I’m now addicted to her blog!

I’m also so thankful to Jacey and Vita Fede for inspiring me to find this bracelet that ultimately started this blog!  It literally is one of my favorite bracelets to wear.  One day, hopefully I’ll have the real thing, but as of now, I’m thrilled with my find.

As of today, both the Vita Fede and Forever 21 bracelets are still selling on the web.  So take your pick….Hope you love the bracelets as much as I do and are able to snag one for yourself before they sell out.

I also hope that you all stick with me as my heart continues to beat faster with anticipation and happiness for this new blogging adventure.  I look forward to bringing you many more fashion/beauty finds and hopefully some inspiration along the way.

Until next week…Xx!

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